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Warranty management has always been important to airlines, but this area seems to be under appreciated within organisations. A robust and accurate warranty process will reduce maintenance and operating costs for your airline, it will ensure that when a part fails, through no fault of your own, any financial impact felt by the operation will be claimed back to the fullest extent from the OEM.

Warranty is managed in many different ways by various processes and the information is required constantly changing. Every OEM has different requirements to be met before a warranty claim can be processed. Aircraft Manufacturers have worked very hard with the Airline and Warranty community to ensure that the minimum of deviations are encountered through the development of these support contracts which are assigned to the customer at Aircraft delivery. It is the management of the clauses within these complex documents that your warranty process is dependant on. AWM is fully compliant with the requirements of these documents and are fully committed to their future development.

AWM has a great deal of experience in supporting aircraft fleets worldwide. We specialise in developing Warranty departments within Airlines, working closely with existing processes to deliver maximum return and benefit to you. We also work with OEMs to ensure the processes we have for in house warranty management and any processes we develop for your business are working together. This will be the best way to ensure any credits owing to you are issued in the shortest possible time.

Warranty Interface Network


Aerospace Warranty Management have developed the latest software in claim processing and management, specifically tailored for the aerospace industry.

Warranty Interface Network brings together, for the first time, all the tools you need to administrate the processing of warranty claim and track your claim analytics.

Thousands of hours of work have gone into ensuring Warranty Interface Network is as intuitive as possible, making sure user engagement will be at a maximum, whilst an incredibly secure three-key authentication system keeps out any prying eyes.

Keep your companies and employees KPIs close at hand too with Warranty Interface Network’s reporting module, giving you access to all the metrics you’ll need to ensure you hit and beat key targets.

Warranty Interface Network is an all encompassing solution for warranty processing and management with all of Aerospace Warranty Management’s extensive knowledge and experience built in, making this application a must have part for any Airlines IT tool belt.

Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement

Aerospace Warranty Management are very pleased to announce that they are now able to offer Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement support. Their Master Blackbelt has gained all his experience within the Aerospace domain. Lean Six Sigma is how the most profitable and most efficient companies in the world are looking at the way they do business. Don’t be dismayed, AWM can offer you tailor-made CI program solutions specific to your Aerospace industry needs. This will enable you to build the same competencies in your own organisation for a fraction of the time and cost.

Why Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma has been adopted by the world’s leading aerospace companies to improve their competitive advantage and deliver benefits in 4 key areas.

• Improved Customer Service

• Reduce Costs and Improve Financial Performance

• Reduce Work in Progress and improve TAT (delivery to promise)

• Improve Employee Involvement and Morale (retention)

Using Lean Six Sigma tools in your CI program helps you understand how the work gets done in your company. It helps your people to work together in teams to improve your processes by identifying waste and non-value added activity (things which your customer doesn’t need and is not prepared to pay for). When a specific problem is identified a data driven problem solving discipline is used to identify, pilot, and implement the best solution. The team then redesign and lock down the new improved process.

It’s not ‘high tech’, it’s about having well trained and motivated people who devise good processes and are always looking to implement improvements ‘it is an Organisational mindset’ and anyone can get in the game.

Please don’t think this is for large companies only, small companies have advantages of flexibility, shorter lines of communication and a more open culture so you can very quickly adopt CI and significantly improve performance.

Why Six Sigma?

AWM has adopted Lean Six Sigma CI principles in the way our business is run. Our processes are designed to minimise waste and non value activity and our culture is to empower our people to work in teams to continuously improve our service offering. For this reason we have chosen to add this to our product range.

So how do you find your competitive advantage?

We offer a range of tools – designed to improve the Performance of your business in 5 key ways:

Warranty Categories

There are many different types of warranty on Aircraft:

SFE – Seller Furnished Equipment
SFE is standard equipment which is delivered with the aircraft, with no possible options for the operator to choose from. Typically this makes up the majority of the airframe.

BFE – Buyer Furnished Equipment 
BFE is optional equipment which the Airlines choose during the production of the aircraft. Typically seats, galleys, wheels, brakes are all BFE. The Airline is fully responsible for negotiating directly with the OEM for all terms of the purchase, including warranty.

APU and Engine 
This is much the same as BFE, with the Airline negotiating directly with the OEM for the terms of purchase. This can even include cases when only one engine is available to fit to the aircraft, for example the Boeing 737

Repair Warranty 
Repair Warranty is a separate warranty given for any repair made to the unit or aircraft. This warranty period covers the specific repair only and prevents the airline from experiencing regular repair of unreliable components or parts.

Lump Sum Credit 
This is a credit payable directly to the operator for scheduled maintenance activity, usually on an annual basis

Service Bulletin 
Service Bulletins provide operators with approved instructions for modification or inspection of in-service airplanes and aircraft manufacturer built components.

Service Letter/SiL 
Service Letters provide operators with a variety of technical information for delivered airplanes.

Support Program 
The intent of this document is to establish expectations for support of a Service Bulletin/Letter/Component.

Commitment Letter 
Reflects the settlement reached between the customer and aircraft manufacturer on potential

IT Process

Implementation of new IT systems will always be stressful. You need to keep your head whilst the changes are being made. AWM have the personnel experienced with implementation of multiple IT platforms, specialising in SAP.

Whilst change is underway it is easy to forget about warranty, Guarantee, defect notification, Warranty repair and identification. AWM can manage your process changes and development of your IT system with to ensure nothing warranty related is missed or forgotten. Even if you have already implemented your new system, AWM can still help with the post implementation stage. Linking with our in-house Six Sigma, we can ensure your system is running as effectively and efficiently as possible;

  • • Target process creation, alignment and development
  • • Identification of development to make SAP more effective for your business
  • • Training
  • • Review of current business processes for best practices
  • • Transaction script creation
  • • Problem solving
  • • On-going SAP Support

We have experience in SAP implementation and support in the aviation industry and can help you to develop your processes and SAP for best practice to achieve greater cost reduction in your business administration using innovative and creative ideas.


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